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Quite bad and unintentionally funny adventure game

This game will present you with a very interesting challenge from the get go: can you take the audio assault of the spoken dialogue in, or will it prove an insurmountable obstacle? The unfortunate thing is that the story of this game is a relatively good, laughs inducing, chunk of coming of age type of fable that works. Fable is a point and click adventure game in which you play as Quickthorpe, a young man who has to prove that he's a man. This puts him on a quest that will guide his feet towards all sort of trope encounters: the guarded bridge, the evil wizard that proves to actually be good, using smarts instead of force and so on. There will be puzzles to solve, there will be dialogue to take part into and for the most part the graphics will be very ok, within a clean cartoonish style. The game, unfortunately just seem to want to make you laugh too hard, and it will happen that you will get stuck on a puzzle, having to listen to the same jokes again and again. And that's where most players will probably draw the line. All in all, the game is not really worth its while spoken dialogue is really bad, the story is full of tropes and cliches, and the puzzles frustrate more than offer a challenge.

Are you good or evil?

In this game you are able to be anyone you would like. Truly interactive with the choices that you are given. Are you good or evil? Let your game play decide! As you become "good" your clothing and your hair will turn white like purity. However, if you choose to be "evil" you will then start to darken, grow horns, and even acquire scars. With every actions is repercussions. Eat a baby chic... Become evil. Eat fish... Stay fit. Kill villagers or help them. Either way, become the hero you always wanted to be! There are many different quests that you are able to go on. Depending on what side you are on, good or evil, will effect the quest. Either help or destroy. The ending is the same. Save whats left of your family.There are secrets with in the game. Demon door, puzzles, etc. You are even able to interact with the towns people to get information and KICK CHICKENS! Who does not like to kick virtual chickens?! This game will keep you playing with interest. Just make sure that you get some sleep!

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