Teen Agent

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox Metropolis Third Person Humorous Point and click Detective mystery

007 boot camp commences now!

Very similar to LucasArt's graphic point and click adventure game Discworld in terms of graphics and gameplay, Teen Agent is a very fun and humorous game that follows the adventure of a teenage boy that gets into s camp for secret agents after gold started disappearing from the world. After your boot camp, you are sent to the white world in order to find who's responsible for this problem by investigating everything around you and solving a string of very interesting and logical puzzles until you finally find the culprit. I really have to commend the game's wonderful graphics and very simple yet practical user interface as well as the easy to understand gameplay and captivating story that motivated the player to continue and discover the secret along with the protagonists. The game also sports a very nice soundtrack that is composed by a notable Polish artist Radek Szamrej and which really adds to the games atmosphere since it does a great job in describing the situation at hands with corresponding catchy tunes. The game was a mountain of fun and I'd recommend it to any lover of the genre.

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