The City of Lost Children

Adventure 1997 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis Third Person Horror

Adventure, platformer, action and more!

In The City of Lost Children you play one of the children of the underground world, the same world that the movie had produced. Yes, it's a well executed game, with beautiful 3D graphics. It's not surprising, since the game was released on the Play Station first, and it kind of feels that way, with beautiful 3D statics, animations and more. As Miette, the protagonist, you have to steal, at first; you are a stealing child; but then the plot thickens, and you find yourself in a really weird scenario, which I'd rather not spoil. Suffice to say that if you've seen the movie, there are some similar branching stories in the game, but you don't get exactly the same deal, which is why, plot wise, let alone adventure game per se wise, you've going to like this. And so, from the humble stealing gameplay, you slowly move on and get more done, uncover new plot lines and more things, and the game gets thicker and better! So, definitely worth it, so give it a go. A good alternative is Sanitarium, as the dark world of this one somehow shares threads, though in the later the level of weirdness is definitely pumped up a lot more. So give them both a try and have them downloaded and ready to go!

Where is the action and adventure?

The City of Lost Children, released in 1997 and published by Psygnosis, is a videogame based on the movie of the same name. This game recreates the atmosphere from the movie, but some of the symbolistic aspects are missing, and that's why this game becomes boring. I am talking, of course, about the lack of action and adventure, despite the beautiful music, sounds effects and backgrounds presented. Another annoying thing was the awful control. The main character is a little girl named Miette. Yeah, she is cute but she moves slowly and you feel like she doesn't listen to your commands. Also, she is complaining a lot with her irritable voice "I can't manage it". Really? I mean, what is so hard to jump over small things? The graphics are well outlined for an old game like this, but this detail wouldn't make you get over the many deficiencies. The gameplay is based on exploration and solving puzzles, and Miette has to use the proper tools in her inventory to get to the next levels. Also, she has to discuss with different people for clues. If you liked the movie, you would be pleased a little to discover the world of this game, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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