Ark of Time

Adventure 1997 Dos Dosbox International Computer Ent. Myth and legend Third Person

Traditional and appealing

Ark of Time is a point and click adventure game released in 1997, whose story follows a reporter Richard Kendall in his travelling in different locations around the world. His objective is to find a missing professor that went on a trip to the city of Atlantis. The voice acting was bad, in fact the main character's voice is quite amusing, irritating I could say, he talks like a cowardly and spineless boy, that more than certain is friendzoned. At some times, while he was talking, I thought I listened Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Well, I am not that mean, that is why I will say that the bad voice acting won't make you stop playing and solving the interesting puzzles. Yes, they are logical, entertaining and won't bore you at all. The design is very well rendered, and this aspect shows the producers attention to details. Some clues useful for your investigation can be found by paying attention to what people say or comment. It is likely to miss important informations if you won't listen properly. Your map includes beautiful locations to explore, such as Stonehenge, Algeria, The Caribbean, Easter Island and Atlantis itself. As far as I noticed, the inventory contained even the things I was sure I won't use again, so I think this is a bug. Despite its flaws, Ark of Time has that element that keeps you involved in the plot, so give it a try.

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