Flight of the Amazon Queen

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox Interactive Binary Illusions Third Person Humorous Point and click Puzzle

Not bad ScummVM adventure alike Indiana Jones

The era of pulp adventure magazines had began to die out by mid 1990s and so the timing was not that ripe for this particular game which, rather half heartedly, tried to create a tongue in cheek pastiche of the genre's tropes. However, what it manages is to create a buggy point and click adventure, still based on the ScummVM interaction panel, by the time quite dated, replaced by more streamlined point and click interfaces. It's not however just the interface that is going to bug you, it's also the high amount of fiddling and illogical trial and error puzzles which might have been fun in a title such as Monkey Island, but here, they just feel lazy. If you can get past that, the graphics are hand drawn in the style of the aforementioned adventure pulp magazines, and the story involves a crash landing in the Amazon Jungle, from where you have to escape. Not a bad premise for Indiana Jones aficionados, but it is poorly delivered. Rather give the classics a try if you haven't already, Flight of the Amazon Queen is not worth the trouble.

An unoriginal game

Flight of the Amazon Queen is a graphical point-and-click adventure game developed by Interactive Binary Illusions and published by Renegade Software. It's in the same style as Indiana Jones. While the gameplay is very similar to Indy, the game at least offers an original (sort of) story and humour, of course. The story of the game follows a pilot named Joe King, who crash lands in the Amazon jungle and has to save his only passenger, a famous movice actress and save the world from a mad scientist. Pretty original, right? The graphics are quite good for its time, however there is one problem, a major one, that discourages you to continue playing: the lack of sound.

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