Faces of War

Strategy 2006 Windows 1C Publishing Action Simulation Real time Historical

WWII thrills and spills

Faces of War is another pretty standard entry into the WWII real time strategy genre which doesn't really add anything new to things but which provides some decent historical action for fans of Commandos, Hidden & Dangerous and the like. The scale here is on the small side, with players taking control of a squad of troops from the Allied, Russian or German sides and being tasked with completing a series of thirty campaign missions. In typical RTS fashion, you can issue commands to each of your individual troops, with a range of options that includes the usual move and shoot, alongside other such things as place mines in a road, mount a gun or take control of a tank. However, you can also take direct control of your men if you so fancy, and which gives you an opportunity to see the action up close and personal. This brings a nice element of variety to proceedings and it can be quite satisfying to experience combat in this way. The missions themselves are quite varied too and provide plenty of tactical depth, with strategy required in order to emerge victorious and which should give even hardened veterans a stiff challenge. Visually, the game is quite splendid, with some lovely environments that are highly detailed, as well as being destructible and which certainly give the game some added appeal. The gameplay is solid for the most part, but doesn't really bring anything new to the table. The control are intuitive and responsive while sound design is atmospheric, so overall, this should provide you with some good entertainment, just don't expect anything earth shattering.

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