Another War

Strategy 2002 Windows Cenega Publishing s.r.o. World Wars Isometric Role Playing

A story of a man inside the Great War

Another war is the first RPG game that is centered in the World War II (much like another great game, Hitler's war). Set in the Nazi-occupied Europe, the story follows a personal war of a simple adventure that seems to be caught up with the local occurrences (hence the title "Another" War).The game is not to be praised only for its fantastic graphics and great soundtrack, but a very moving and elaborate story that depicts the personal struggles of a normal man caught up in a war of global scales. It all starts very simple - in a small French town that is occupied from the Germans, our unnamed hero finds out that his friend is captured behind enemy lines and does all that he can to find him and take him back. Over France, where the war is all but felt, he will travel through entire Europe to end up in the town of Leningrad during its heaviest siege. The gameplay is fantastic and the action is abundant but I really feel that the story of the game is its shining star. One can really relate to the character and his bravery and will want to do their best to help him reach his friend and get him to safety. As mentioned before, the graphics of the game are great and very detailed and the animation is just as good. The 2D rendering with an isometric view prove to be very practical and effective for successful gameplay. If you like RPG's and are bored and tired of demons, magic and fantasy, this will be a nice turn of atmosphere and a great experience.

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