World War II: Panzer Claws

Simulation 2002 Windows Eidos Interactive War Real time strategy Strategy

Typical war simulation

WW2 Panzer Claws is a typical war simulation game which is based on the world war 2 theme and involves a great deal of depth in terms of the mission and the variety in the gameplay. You may either control the Allied forces or may run the Russian and the German forces in 20 different missions all over Europe. Starting with the gameplay, the action takes place in real time and is supported by some very good graphics and animations. You will have groups of ground troops, different tanks, air reinforcements and other resources to defeat the enemy. You will go through lands and forests and will infiltrate buildings to bring the enemy down. In terms of the options, it gives you a scenario editor and the user interface has been so well designed that you will grip the gameplay quite easily. You also have to be tactical in your decision making as you cannot just go all-out offensive all the time. You have to keep your resources intact for the right time and make the right move at the right moment. The game is also good in terms of the music and it has a great sync to it all together. Chartwars is another good game which provides the same deal of thrill.

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