Hitler's War

Strategy 2004 Windows Avalon Hill World Wars

Obscure but well-made Allied General-style experience

The original Hitler's War was a board game that allowed players to participate in a series of tactically challenging battle scenarios that recreated several scenarios from WWII history. This fan-made interpretation brings the game to the computer screen with some success and makes for an interesting slice of historical wargaming. Players can choose from the forces of the Allies, the Axis or the Soviets and then take part in a series of campaign missions that replicate key moments in the war. The opening mission covers the Axis attack on the USSR with Operation Barbarossa and aims to cover the game's basics, with movement, combat and production all being introduced. Later scenario packs add in the Allied forces as well as more complex rules for sea battles, invasions, forts, air troops and other such elements which aim to make the game more complex and strategic. The game is played out over a traditional hex-based map screen, like Third Reich or Allied General and features many of the same aspects as these and other similar games, with missions of various types and multiple units available to add to the strategy. While lacking the polish and visual flair of other more commercial releases, Hitler's War is a bold and well-made computer-based wargame. The interface is complex but surprisingly intuitive, while the range of options, units and tactics available is commendably extensive, with the game providing plenty of intense and challenging missions to enjoy. If you're after something a little different and have exhausted all the other similar games, then this is one that is well worth digging into.

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