Final Fantasy VII: Origin

RPG 1997 Windows Eidos Top down Fantasy

Long, twisted, Japanese, at times genial, at times menial!

Final Fantasy 7: origin is all over the place, and that's saying something given that the entire Final Fantasy series has been known for its range and diversity. But this 7th title surely knows how to put diversity mid center, hehe! In terms of looks it's like a very carefully developed and produced 16 bit game, with loads of 2d top down areas, that will take you through cities, will take you through green, white, sandy places and so much more. The RPG itself is still relatively classic to the series, played in turns, quite engaging, and, I would argue, pretty diverse, though it sure takes someone with a high resistance level for grind based mechanics to truly love it! But, certainly, Final Fantasy 7: origin is a good game in the series, a game that offers a lot to those that love its very specific genre tropes and its very specific bits. So, yeah, basically of you are a fan of Final Fantasy games, this 7th title will remind you of the first few titles, at least in the build and in the perspective, though in execution it sure is much more modern than, say, the very first title. Yeah, though, the Japanese are different, baby, they're a world apart from us, so, yeah, consider that too, this game sure doesn't excuse itself for being exactly that!

Fantastic and famous RPG game

This series of RPG games is probably the most loved series for many all over the world. The game will leave an ever lasting impression on you because of its great variety of animations and some real in depth and diverse gameplay. The story this time starts with cloud working as mercenary for money and joining valance to conduct different raids against MAKO reactors in the city. I would like to keep the rest of the plot secret because it is very interesting when you counter it in real. The game gets more and more emotional as you move on and the gameplay gets more and more exciting. The random battle mode which is not liked by some of the people is still in the game. When it comes to graphics, they are very crisp and are full of animations which are very clear. The controls of all the characters are perfect and give you a good experience of the action sequences. The keywords for direction are highlighted so that you can easily make out where to go. Music is great but no voice narrations have been added. Akuma: Demon Spawn is also one of the better RGP games.

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