Men in Black

Adventure 1997 Windows Gremlin Interactive Humorous Action based 3D action adventure

Thrilling action adventure

The men are back and they are surely in black. The game is obviously based on the Blockbuster movie Men in Black. The plot in the game is that you have will smith as a police officer who fights crime with all his skills and efforts. Dis-engaging bombs, arresting criminals and doing the regular routine work is his way of life until he counters aliens and meets a secret agent name Tomy Lee Jones. Tomy works for an organization that counters aliens and has now taken Will Smith as an agent in the organization. The other character in the game is a beautiful female doctor name Linda. You have the option to play any of the three characters in the game which means that you can play with one and then with the other. This adds a great replay value to the game because you will be doing all the stuff with the perspective of the character that you are playing. The graphics in the game are very good and they show in the characters which resemble very much to the real actors. The variety of the weapons in the game is great where you have 8 destructive weapons of different shape and sizes. I am a huge fan of Resident Evil 2 so I will also ask you to pay that one as well.

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