High Rollers

Puzzle 1986 Dos Dosbox Box Office Word or trivia Challenges

Trivia and gambling TV show recreation

The 80s werea weird time in television. Gambling laws were not as severe, and so, many shows could use gambling elements, as High Rollers did, and this game took that idea and turned it digital to the best of the era's abilities. Staples of late 80s gaming abound in this one too, from the very kitsch inducing choice of color palette to the rather poor misse en scene and the one liners of the participants that are sleaze bound as you'd think! Also, because part of the game is all about answering trivia questions, you will find this one to be quite lacking in that department too, with a short list of questions that start repeating as soon as you start a second game. So, while playable, this sure is no gem, it might be nice for a few plays but no more. Give it a try if you just have a knack for trivia heavy game show digitizations but don't come expecting a lot from it, it will just let you down! In my view a better and more evenly dosed trivia plus some other game style blend is Wheel of Fortune, which, I'd say, has more to offer than this one.

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