Hollywood Squares

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Trivia and tic tac toe mash, more interesting than you`d think!

At first I was disappointed with Hollywood Squares; this is not the kind of game that is a people pleaser! It looks pretty uninspired, even for a game released back in 88, but then, if you give him 5 minutes, if you like trivia questions (that pertains to general culture and has a penchant for 80s pop references!) and also like a game of tic tac toe from time to time, then, surely, Hollywood Squares will cut it for you! So, you'll have to guess the answer to some questions, whether or not your opponent knows the answer and, then, you will have to think about the way you'll tick your tic tac toe box. As you'd imagine, you win every round by drawing a perfect line of xes or zeroes, as in the classic game, but the trivia element adds more value to the experience. So, ultimately, Hollywood Squares is a cool mash of tic tac toe and trivia, well produced, well executed, even if graphically a bit too insipid. But once you've acclimatized yourself to it, it is a sure winner, especially if you used to watch 80s TV or are in the know in terms of the movies of the era. Alternatively, see any of the Wheel of Fortune contenders for yet another trivia kind of pursuit.

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