Farscape: The Game

Action 2002 Windows 1C Company Shooter Third Person

3rd person action shooter with RPG elements

Farscape: The Game is an interesting game in that it combines both shooting as in Alien Breed, that is, from afar, while you hover somewhere high in the sky controlling your character, but then there are also a few elements sprinkled in there to turn the game into one a bit more challenging and a bit more diverse. These elements could have very well been used to build a cool action RPG, but since they're limited to advancements based on your weaponry and other inventory items, they don't really bestow the game with a more deep nature, though it would not be true to its nature to consider this game a simple, standard isometric shooter either. At any rate, 1C had a propensity for such games that were action at their core but then they sprinkled some other adventure like elements in there. As is the case with GROM: Terror in Tibet which tends more towards puzzles then RPG elements. But I loved them both, even in spite of their flaws, which are not easy to sweep over. One thing I can tell you is save often and save in multiple files, as Farscape: The Game tends to break in ways that making moving forward quite difficult. You've been warned!

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