Submarine Fury

Action 1999 Windows PLBM Games Shooter Third Person

Neat and undemanding shooter

If you're after a nice, straightforward little shooter to pass the time, and you're a fan of all things underwater, then Submarine Fury certainly ticks all the boxes. It might not be sophisticated or graphically stunning, but it's entertaining enough to warrant a brief look. Lacking any pretensions to grandeur, the game cleverly avoids any attempt to incorporate an unnecessary plot into proceedings and instead gets right down to business. Players are given their own little submarine to control and are tasked with one simple task: blow all the other subs out of the water in order to pass on to the next more challenging level. That's the basics of the game in a nutshell, and if that's all there was to it, this would be pretty uninteresting. However, adding to the fun is the fact that your enemies shoot back, requiring nifty reflexes in order to avoid their deadly missiles, while a ship at the surface also has a nasty habit of hurling mines into the water in a further attempt to sink your sub. Levels have a specified amount of enemies to sink before they are completed, while bosses also occasionally show up for some one-on-one action. A neat little feature is the need for you to return to the surface every now and then to replenish your air supplies, and it is little additions like this that make the game stand out. Visually, the game is simple and fairly repetitive, but with nice chunky sprites, including fish which are bigger than your sub, and which are pleasing enough, while sound is similarly low-key. Submarine Fury is an enjoyably simply little shooter, not exactly up to R-Type or Gradius standards, but worthy enough when you're in the mood for some undemanding action.

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