Batman: Toxic Chill

Action 2003 Windows 1C Company Cartoon Third Person

Save Gotham!

Younger Batman fans who fancy a bit of a mental challenge while they help out the caped Crusader to save Gotham should definitely consider checking out this fun bit of puzzling action. This clever edutainment title helps to promote logical thinking over five levels of superhero-themed and turns out to be enjoyable and useful. The story finds Batman and his loyal chum Robin on the trail of Mr. Freeze as he attempts to cause his usual brand of icy chaos in the city, while The Riddler also pops up and who is messing around with chemical plants for his own nefarious purposes. Batman and Robin step up to the challenge by attempting to solve these environmental problems, which in gameplay terms takes the form of five puzzle-style levels. One of the levels for example, has players reprogramming the flow of chemicals into storage tanks in order to scuttle The Riddler's plans, while another requires patterns to be discovered in buildings that have been frozen by Freeze inn order to save them from destruction. When taking in consideration of its target audience, Toxic Chill really is top notch stuff that makes good use of its inspiration and provides some solid gameplay. The visuals are very striking and really bring the comic book world to life, with nicely detailed characters and environments. The gameplay too is generally strong, with five varied levels that provide very different challenges that really make you think but keep you thoroughly entertained while doing so. If you are a comic book fan looking for something along the lines of Batman: Justice Unbalanced, then this is definitely worth a look.

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