Jekyll & Hyde

Action 2001 Windows 1C Company Horror Third Person Adventure

Uneven horror tale

The idea of a game based on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic horror tale is a promising one and there is all kinds of potential to create a stunningly atmospheric experience. Unfortunately however, this isn't it. It's not a complete disaster and is certainly worth investigating but a number of significant problems bring things down to the point where it's more of a chore than it is entertaining. Jekyll and Hyde is an action game that is loosely based on the original story and sees Jekyll's daughter kidnapped by an escaped inmate from an insane asylum and which requires the good doctor to reluctantly transform into his brutish alter ego. He needs to find several magical artefacts to give to the inmate in return for his daughter but standing between him and a joyful reunion are hordes of shambling zombies and other such monsters and which must be dealt with in the only fashion Hyde knows: brutal violence. The game plays out in third-person perspective, with Hyde exploring a number of suitably moody environments, busting skulls and solving the occasional puzzle as he goes, some of which require the lighter touch of Jekyll. The game does a reasonable job of creating an appropriately grim feel but the 3D isn't the best in the world and there is a certain sense of awkwardness to the visuals which is disappointing. Other problems exist with the combat system which lacks fluidity and which is not helped by the control system or enemy AI or confusing level design. All these problems are not major by themselves but when added together, they do prevent Jekyll and Hyde from being the game it should have been which is a shame as there remains a hint of greatness on display here.

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