FBI Hostage Rescue

Action 2004 Windows 1C Company Shooter Strategic scope

Bust down the door!

Although this is similar to the Rainbow Six franchise, it is unfortunately much worse than that series of strategic shooters and is probably best avoided. The game is plagued by wretched AI, technical issues, ugly visuals and a general lack of focus which kills it before it's even begun. As you might expect from the title, you're part of the FBI's hostage rescue team so it's your job to take on a series of complex missions which basically require taking out a bunch of terrorists before they kill all their prisoners. There are ten missions to play through, each of which takes place in a different location but which all boil down to essentially the same thing, with a timer attached to each one, so take too long, and everything explodes. There aren't any difficulty levels to choose from, but you do at least have a variety weapons to experiment with, from submachine guns to sniper rifles. That's essentially it for the main features of the game, and while it could have been an enjoyable enough alternative to Soldier of Fortune or suchlike, it's really not worth spending your time on. The biggest issue here is the AI, both for the enemies and the hostages. The bad guys simply don't do much, and just stand there waiting for you to shoot them while the hostages act in a similar way, making it a frustrating experience just trying to complete a level. The time limit doesn't make things any more entertaining, and only adds to the frustration, while the level design is bland and uninteresting. All in all, not a fun experience.

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