Rainbow Six

Action 1998 Windows Red Storm Entertainment First Person 3D action adventure Espionage Shooter Tactical Tpp

Gaming perfection

It has been many years since the release of Tom Clancy's: Rainbow six, but i still remember the game with fondness. Even though i am not a particular FPS fan, i endulge my self on occasion, but only with superb titles. Rainbow Six was one of such games, along with Quake and Duke Nukem. In RS your objective is simple. Take out the bad guys, save the hostages or retrieve vital information they posses. Pretty much straightforward. Unlike your regular FPS where you pick up the biggest gun you can find and blast your enemies into bits, in RS you have to think. Before every mission, there is a planning sequence. There you could choose your team (up to 8 members), weapons and equipment you will need and of course make a plan for the mission. It took up alot of time, and personally i found the planning part more entertaining than the actual shooting. But that's just me. After you made all the plans, in you go to deal with bad guys. In regular FPS you have a health bar, and after you take in X kilos of led in your system, you're dead. In RS, most of the time all it takes to drop you and your team is one bullet in the head. One more thing that made me grin was the fact that if you are good enough planer, you could finish missions without taking any life. Something like Thief, only better. Graphics are still okay, playable, sound and music perfect. The atmosphere you feel when facing impossible odds is one of the best things in gaming history. This game was, and still is, art.

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