Soldier of Fortune

Action 2000 Windows Activision Military Shooter Military FPS Shooter action

Gory but superb FPS

Definitely not one for the kids, this is a controversial shooter that is perhaps best known for its graphic representation of violence. However, this is a shame as it is actually a clever and inventive game which is backed up by a gripping storyline. The complex plot revolves around a Neo-Nazi terrorist plot to steal nuclear weapons, with the player taking the part of John Mullins, the titular Soldier of Fortune, as he seeks to prevent this dastardly plan. Missions take Mullins all over the world, from New York to Siberia, Iraq, Uganda and Germany, and all of them feature several unique, creative twists which really help to maintain player interest and keep the excitement high. Although most people will tackle the game as a full-on shooter, it is possible to take a stealthier approach, which adds some depth and extra challenge to the game. In shooters, weapons are always a high priority for most gamers, and Soldier of Fortune offers a nice range, with the microwave pulse gun and slug thrower sitting comfortably alongside classics like the shotgun, and most of which prove highly satisfying to use. The visuals on display here are still impressive enough, with realistic modelling and detailed, varied environments, but it is the sound which really stands out here. Both music and effects are excellent and add much to the atmosphere, making a great game even better. The tight controls, clever level design and thrilling gameplay all combine to create a classic shooter. The sequel, Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix maintains the high quality on display here and is also highly recommended.

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