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It could have been better

SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle is a first person tactical shooter and a police simulator game. Its successor, SWAT 4 is released in 2005. The gameplay of SWAT 3 is based on team work, on commanding your squad (called LAPD SWAT), giving warnings, saving hostages or arresting enemy civilians. So, the realistic aspect stays in these police methods and tactics. Some locations in the game are similar to those in reality, but unfortunately the graphics are really poor. The action unfolds in places like luxurious hotels, night clubs, theatres, hospitals, car parks. You have to think quickly in stressed and hard situations, but this is an advantage, since it overwhelms your attention. You have to choose between two mods to play: the career mode (the missions are played in order) and the mission mode (you choose the order of the missions). I, personally, would have preferred to see my character's weapon, for a better accuracy; I don't know, I guess this little detail helps me concentrate more on hitting the targets. Also, the possibilities are limited, you don't have a wide range of guns to choose from and the screen doesn't expose much information about health or other elements. If you always wanted to join the elite forces, virtually, of course, this game can make your dream come true, but not entirely. It could have been better, but go on and see for yourself.

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