Conflict: Desert Storm II: Back to Baghdad

Action 2003 Windows ak tronic Software & Services Military Shooter Strategic scope

Well made FPS shooter, nice graphics

It is an action based FPS game which is based on the plot of the Gulf War. The plot here is that you will be doing a variety of missions in the heart of Baghdad where you will have to defeat and kill the enemies. You will have a Special Forces squad which you will use to go up against the units of the dictator of Iraq. The game has a solid gameplay which involves a variety of great action and shooting sequences. Not only you need you need to be good with your shooting skills and fighting but also with the strategic decisions making that is needed for different objectives throughout the course of the gameplay. It has some very good graphics which allow you a complete three dimensional view of the action and you can explore almost every corner of an environment at all the levels in the game. Similarly the level designs are very diverse and distinct from each other and you have a large variety of weapons and vehicles at your disposal. The user interface is interactive and the controls are easily manageable. It's what you call complete action. I also loved the action sequences in Terrorist Takedown because that game has much to offer in terms of thrill and the in depth variety.

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