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Another example for EA's dedication

FIFA 97 is a soccer sports game, published in 1996 by Electronic Arts, that is followed by FIFA 98. Electronic Arts is one of the leader companies that provides the best and the most popular third-party videogames. This is the fourth of the FIFA series, and also the kind of game that will make you feel as you are on a real football match, and the absorbing atmosphere will raise this excitement. The graphics are more realistic, detailed, so the football players. There are three levels and gameplay types - Action, Arcade, and Simulation, where you can edit your own preferences. I prefer the Action mode, because it is more challenging from the difficulty point of view. Also, you can test your abilities, by practicing before every match. You will have a more flexible experience with Tournaments, Playoffs, and League mode. The new features include the motion capture, the indoor football mode, the option to choose the pitch and the teams. Electronic Arts created a technology that enables a fresher moving flow of the characters. For me, FIFA has the best match commentary acting, and also a unique vibe that is not emanated by many games. Try this game which most you have grown with, that is also a perfect example for EA's producers dedication for quality.

Fifa 1997 game!

Brilliant game for it's time and massive database of teams and players. Also got a pretty cool soundtrack with 10 original rock songs. It's got the indoor 6 a side matches which are pretty awesome and hillarious, fun to play with friends. John Motson takes the lead with the commentary, and does a brilliant job as usual.

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