FIFA 2001

Sport 2000 Windows Electronic Arts Soccer Tournaments

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FIFA 2001 is a soccer game developed and published by Electronic Arts, one of the leaders that provides the best and the most popular third-party videogames. Its creativity and ambitions led to a rapid growth in the industry. FIFA is one of the most popular football game series of all time, that most of us have grown with. The general background and the graphics are improved, the details are more noticeable and the facial expressions are even more realistic. As a general description concerning this game, I strongly believe that FIFA 2001 excels in every aspect. The modes included aren't different from the previous games, having 17 national leagues. The leagues in the Season Mode will let you play in the domestic league, cup and European competitions. The players have their own strategies, tactics, being organized in a preciseful manner. As soon as the captivating intro ends, you will be introduced in an outstanding football match. The stadiums, the pitch, the dynamic and aspiring athmosphere will announce a long gameplay and also an addictive one. The commentators John Motson and Mark Lawrenson are back, with their pertinent acting. Take your team into tournaments and test your skills in your way towards victory based on winning the cup!

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