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Great, but I still prefer the prequel and the next game

FIFA 2000 (or FIFA 2000: Major League Soccer) made by Electronic Arts, one of the leader companies that provides the best and the most popular third-party videogames. Let's admit it, football is the sport of the century, and nobody can contradict me. The developers did a really great job in rendering the atmosphere, which is fascinating, and the general gameplay, even if the ingeniosity and qualities of the football players are hard to put into effect. Its prequel and other FIFA games represented a huge step in the sports simulators, but I found this game a bit inferior than them. Some bugs are present and the sound is average. But it looks like the producers worked very hard to approach the realism on the football field. The audience is very enthusiastic, active, living the experience to the fullest, and this absorbs the player more into the action. It will be a real pleasure to see the football players fight for victory, pushing each other to adopt a perfect position for scoring. I still prefer the next FIFA game and its predecessors, even if this game is a great creation. The atmosphere offers you a great football experience, so don't miss this legendary game full of entertaining tournaments that prevent you from getting bored!

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