2002 FIFA World Cup

Sport 2002 Windows Electronic Arts Soccer World competition

Top notch soccer sim

Now this is a solid piece of football gaming and should really be played by anyone with an interest in the sport or who just likes good sporting sims. Officially licensed by EA so that it includes the full line-up of players and teams, the game includes expected features like the ability to play friendly games alongside the main tournament, but is otherwise a little light on options. However, this isn't a major problem, as the tournament action is the draw here and it is executed almost to perfection. The controls are tight and responsive, with some additions to previous games in the series making passing and shooting more challenging and strategic, something which creates a greater sense of realism. Graphically and sonically, FIFA is spot on too, with fluid and fast-paced animation and wonderfully atmospheric commentary and background sound effects that really bring things to life. A couple of minor points, like the lack of options, the slightly low difficulty level and the game's similarity to FIFA Soccer 2002 don't really detract from what remains a first-rate soccer sim that any self-respecting World Cup fan would be well advised to play.

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