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Soccer never dies

Fifa International Soccer (also known as Fifa 94, more commonly) came out in 1993, the first of EA's yearly soccer game releases that still hold true amazingly to this day. This game set the groundwork for what other soccer games at the time were not. The crowd was brought to life with raucous cheering, and the isometric point of view (instead of the popular bird's eye view) used allowed the player supreme control over the soccer players on the field below. Soccer games at the time tried to bring the action of the sport and the grand view of the field to the players, but it was never captured properly. Though severely outdated now and all but forgotten, Fifa 94 is still playable this day, even when the latest are hyper-realistic with character names, numbers, and jerseys, which, at the time, EA could not get. If you're a fan of the newest Fifa games, do yourself a favor and check this one out sometime. It's a joy to see what the series started as and what it has become over the years since it's release. It's a good bit of fun!

The classic FIFA soccer

Here is the first edition of the most classical soccer game of all times, FIFA international soccer. Very innovative for that time, the stadium brought to life with fans and live chorus. Quite good gameplay even with a strange point of view for the players. Score a goal and follow your player celebrating the goal with the advertisement (real ones) shown to the public (and to you). Unfortunately at that time EA did not buy the rights to publish real names, but it is not impossible recognize Baggio, Romario, Klinsmann, ...

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