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The Sensible Soccer name is one which is frequently thrown about as being one of the finest soccer simulators on the market, offering as it does a fast, fun and supremely accessible game that is perfect for multi-player. This version doesn't differ too wildly from the template laid down by its predecessors and is mostly notable for being the first game in the series to feature non-European teams, a fact that is surely related to its release alongside the 1994 World Cup. If you are a fan of this period in world soccer, then this is a must play but for other more casual gamers or fans or the original, this is less essential, offering as it does little in the way of anything new. The main draw here though is the recreation of the World Cup in all its finery, with one nice touch being the ability to select which teams actually play in the competition, so you are not restricted to a simple historical replay. Apart from the addition of a referee, everything else is pretty much as you remember it from previous installments, with all the usual array of options and the supremely enjoyable, fast-paced action that made the series such a hit. This is very much an arcade-style representation of the sport, so if you are looking for managerial aspects, you'd better steer clear. The controls remain as loose but as flexible as ever, and the array of moves that can be carried out is pretty impressive, and which adds much to the game's appeal. The visuals have moved on about as much as the gameplay (that is to say, not much), but they remain charmingly old-school and everything zips around at a fair old pace. On the whole, this is a decent soccer sim but which doesn't really stand out enough from Sensible Soccer to make it a must play for anyone but the most dedicated fans.

International flavours

This game is a soccer simulation that goes in the same direction of the previous Sensible Soccer games, with a touch of "international". It will allow you to play European Cup and the others tournament as usual. Graphics and controls are inherited from Sensible Soccer game series, so you won't have any difficulty adapting. Altough the best of the series remain SWOS 96/97, it's a good soccer simulation you'd like to try and enjoy.

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