Championship Manager 2

Sport 1995 Dos Dosbox Domark Soccer Team management

Riding in stile on the coattails of the original

While CM2 wasn't a total departure from the style of Championship Manager soccer managment game, it did however polish the game considerably, both graphically, where the game received considerable additions, as well as in the overall playability. The interface and each individual screen were redesigned to be more easy to use, using a mouse was no longer so much of a hassle and the SVGA resolution meant a world of change for those lucky enough to have a 640x480 display. The game also added audio commentary to the game and photo-realistic pictures used as backgrounds for the many spreadsheets like screens of the game. Now, going back to the game, be sure to expect quite a few text based inputs to still remain, but, nevertheless, navigation to them is far more smoother and more natural. The game will have you make decisions at a number of levels, in classic football manager style and your choices are very much taken into account in the background, so you will feel like you're in control of your club. While CM2 might not be the game everyone talks about when it comes to DOS era soccer managers, the game still holds to its own and can be an enjoying experience for dedicated fans.

Great soccer managerial

In my opinion, Championship Manager 2 and all the championship manager series is one of the best management games in the '90s. It has everything that a soccer fan want to see in a management videogame. The level of the game is also adequated to the division you are going to play, in fact it is better starting with a low division team and then receiving offer based on your performance as manager. It has a rich database with all the player (of course of 1995) but it still mantain an appeal that who really love soccer games will not miss.

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