Super Sumo Wrestling 2002

Sport 2002 Windows Fighting Martial Arts Wrestling

Novelty wrestling game that loses its appeal quickly

While US-style wrestling has seen more than its fair share of games, sumo wrestling isn't exactly a sport which has enamoured itself to video game designers and this has to be one of the few examples out there. It's not exactly a classic release, but if you're looking for something a little different from the usual fighting games, it's worth checking out. A number of modes are available to choose from, including tournament, exhibition and two-player VS, with for example, the tournament option offering the opportunity to create your own wrestler from scratch and which then pits you against a series of fighters over several rounds and bouts. Other modes offer variations on this general theme. The controls are pretty easy to pick up, which is both a good thing and one of the game's weaker aspects unfortunately. You are simply required to move your wrestler around the ring, stabbing randomly at the attack button whenever your opponent gets close, and while available moves include the slightly unconventional bite attack, the game is limited in this respect. Anyone expecting the complexity and combos of Street Fighter IV will be sorely disappointed. The game does score a few points from its visuals which, although simple, are full of charm, with distinct personalities for each of the different wrestlers, thanks to the amusing variety of taunts and cries that they frequently utter. However, once you get past the novelty of the fact that this is a sumo wrestling game it quickly becomes apparent that it's quite shallow and lacking in challenge. It's fun for a while, especially in two-player mode, but don't expect to be playing this for long.

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