WCW Nitro

Sport 1998 Windows THQ Fighting

Hard to take seriously, but fun!

WCW Nitro is a brawler, WCW championship, which, while released back in 98, has a kind of outlook and is created in such a way that it feels much older. Technically it is a fighter game of the much earlier Mortal Kombat generation, but even so, with its rather poignant faux graphical elements and that punk/trashy feel, it can be enjoyed. Now, don't be confused by the graphics trying to be more modern than they are; they are not, this is not a game about actual fighting, or a game that finds a way to assert itself as some sort of simulation. Nope, this is a very basic brawler. So, take it upon yourself to play this with the critical senses dumbed down, otherwise you won't find it as palatable. Thus, overall, WCW Nitro works great, it has its own 90s feel and, at the very least the basic controls will do a good job at keeping you in. Quite for how long, well, that remains to be seen! I can only tell you that it won't be the worse brawler you've ever played, and, definitely, a better one than the graphics, at first sight, would suggest!

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