Final Fantasy XI

RPG 2004 Windows Square Enix Fantasy

The Modern era of Final Fantasy in full bloom!

There is something very special that binds this Japanese series together: its usage of turn based tactical role playing battles, a very Japanese story both in the depiction of its characters as well as its stereotypes and also, the ability to actually put you on the edge of your seat with battles that are turn based, in a manner that no other games can actually do. For Europeans and Americans this recipe can be a bit hard to understand, to fully grasp, but once it envelops you, you'll be an fan for the long haul. In this universe, Final Fantasy XI is one of the best looking games, one of the most dynamic and also one of the easiest to sink into. In the early days, a game such as Final Fantasy 2 had less tech to keep you playing, but with XI that is no longer the case. Thus, the animations are top notch, with flurries of text and number sprinkled during battles, with fabulous and tactically challenging bosses as well as regular enemies and a story that is just as engaging if you are willing to let it sink. Beware; Final Fantasy XI creates a special kind of dependency, one that is hard to brush off, and also, one that will stick with you. So, be warned, once a FF fan, you'll always be a fan, but every game will satisfy that quench in really interesting ways. Fully recommend it!

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