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Up there with Half Life and other quality FPSes

I remember playing Chaser quite a few years back, played it short after I played Half Life. I must say that the comparison did justice to Chaser; it stood up to the challenge! Chaser is a modern FPS, well balanced, well adjusted and attuned to the tricks that modern day FPSes employ to diversify the journey. It has its highs and lows sure, but it is of a brand of top notch execution that I didn't expect from it. In terms of construction it shares the same level modularity that Half Life had, offering you a roaster of missions, that ask you to locate the exit of the current level, disguised through different means. There are also missions that ask you to bare the not so great stealth that, you know that joke, about all FPSes having to be ruined by that one stealth mission! Yeah, and there are crates too, in this game, if you were wondering about that staple of FPS production value. At any rate, another characteristic of Chaser is that it takes you through very diverse scenarios, from the depths of sewers to outer space, space stations, then back on Earth through the corridors of apartment buildings and so on. The enemies are also pretty well endowed with a sense of peril so they also do duck, try to protect themselves by staying out of your line of fire and will even use flanking tactics here and there. Plus, graphically the game looks fantastic, great textures, great level design, and, as a particularly interesting and quality touche, the water in Chaser is simulated to great effect, if you care for that kind of thing. A similar though not quite as good game sharing similar production techniques (scripted scenarios, mostly) is Red Faction, though this one is not nearly as diverse.

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