Global Operations

Action 2002 Windows Crave Entertainment Shooter Military FPS

A great team-based FPS

Global Operations is a 2002 first person shooter game that deserves to be compared with the popular Counter Strike. You play as a military force soldier and your missions consist in killing enemies, saving/protecting hostages and disarming bombs. This game allows you to choose between the following members each with their own traits and skills: Recon (has the ability to locate the enemies), Commando (who commands your team), Medic (has the ability to cure your squad), Heavy Gunner (controls heavy guns), Demo (expert in defusing and charging large explosives), Sniper (has the ability to shoot from far distance) and Intel (available in multiplayer mode, he commands your team). Both single player and multiplayer modes are fun to play, the graphics make everything look real, especially the weapons and other environment elements. This game is worth playing for sure! The producers did a very good job when creating it, and their efforts for a well-designed gameplay is appreciated. Sometimes I felt that the Artificial Intelligence monopolized a bit what should have been performed by the player, so the strategy aspect wasn't very present. But your team's cooperation into the action is overwhelming and will make you like this game more and more. Take it, today!

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