First Over Germany

Simulation 1988 Dos SSI Flight World Wars Military flight

WWII themed wargame focused on the Bomber German Offensive

As the name suggests, First Over Germany is a wargame that is interested in creating the offensive over Germany that was initiated by the coalition of forces, and this is defined in game as a middle level tactical and strategic game, turn based, hex based, of rather medium difficulty. The game is without doubt well crafted, but very niche in what it wants to create and deliver, so it might not be a turn based strategy for everyone. But for passionate history interested wargamers, who love to explore bits and pieces of the WWII era encounters it sure is a satisfying experience. Naturally, you won' get the most nicely clad graphical presentation, after all the game was released back in 88, and so it shares the jaggedness and that struggle with the limited resources of the period's machines. But that too can be overlooked, as the game instead manages a deep simulation of the historical realities of the era, of course, captured with the level of sophistication that the ere was capable of, at the level of the hex grid. Try it if you're a proven wargaming strategist with some experience under your belt in regard to these oldschool kind of games. Otherwise, a more action oriented game such as Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain will surely make more sense in your case.

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