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Flight simulation with a lot to admire about

It is again one of those overlooked flight simulation games which can really send a shudder down your spine. If you like to bring destruction to your enemies and want to be in command of some highly destructive weapons, then this one is surely for you. What you will command here is a B-52 destructive bomber which has the capacity to carry 8 crew members and bombs weighting in many tons. The commanding of the crew members who are on board is the fun element which has been incorporated very well by the developer. You have to make them work with coordination to complete the mission which is to destroy the enemy's bases. 30 missions in total have been designed here and the designing of every mission is highly innovative and distinct from each other. The flight dynamics and the mechanics are very good which is liked by gamers who love flight games. The fun element in the game is very similar to B-17 Flying Fortress which is another underdog in this genre. The controls in the game are also fine and equally compatible with a joystick and a keyboard. The missions are also realistic and are moderately competitive.

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