Ace of Aces

Simulation 1986 Dos Dosbox Accolade Flight World Wars Military flight

Minimalist, magenta heavy first person flight game!

The game endeavors to recreate missions form the WWII, but, truth be told, all that it can produce with the minimalist graphics it has at its disposal is a very arcade, view from the cockpit, pretty alright but not a simulator, action oriented flight game! Phew! So, yeah, it's a very does in the 80s kind of game; you only see so much of what is directly ahead of you, and what can be ahead of you is mostly minimal, sprite based bits and pieces. The cockpit has a few instruments in there, and that's about it. You will have to chase the targets and, for the most part, the game is solved by shooting at the adversaries that come your way. Other than that, you just have to approximate a lot of what the game is trying to display, because, well, it's just a few lines, with that washed blue for a sky and black and white for the rest of the color scheme. Yep, the 80s were pretty minimalist and pretty simply produced, which, for the most part is alright but nothing too extraordinary. Anyway, give it a try and see for yourself. If you like it you'll love, for instance, Ace 2, which kind of looks just like that, and, for a more modern, more graphically endowed game, Aces of the Pacific will take you to a much more current looking game, lots easier to play.

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