Fifty Mission Crush

Simulation 1984 Dos John R. Gray Flight World Wars Military flight

Bomber simulation of the WWII German offensive

Just like the game Secrets Weapons of the Luftwaffe, Fifty Mission Crush too focuses on recreating the lightning strike bombing offensive that Germany had used during the Second World War. This page of history has been captured in gaming due to the fact that it had some really impressive repercussions during the war, as it was a novel approach at the time. It was based both on the element of surprise but also on sheer numerical prowess. The game manages to capture those elements accurately. The fleet was nicely represented, of course, the mathematics of the attack rather than the actual graphics. One quirk of the game, however, which might put off occasional players, is the impossibility to retry a mission. Once you lose you have to start anew, and this can be a bit daunting for those that just want to jump in and out of the game as they see fit. The game is thus a numerical endeavor for most of the time, it doesn't play well with those that would much rather play a graphical type game. For those a game such as Spitfire Ace or Hellcat Ace might do the trick of pinning you in the pilot's seat, but Fifty Mission Crush is not that type of game.

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