Football Manager 2

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Good for its time, but hardly playable today

Football Manager 2 is a good leap forward from what the original in the series produced, But that does not say too much, if you think that the first I the series was the brain child of a group of bedroom coders, which produced the game on and for the ZX Spectrum home computer. But, as it has been shown time and again, you do not need a lot of processing or graphical resources to produce a palatable game. All you need is a good set of mathematical coordinates, which will contain, database style, your players, teams and your game engine. And Football Manager 2 sure does have these amenities, all presented to the gamer in a good graphical interface, with different screens for different types of interactions. Simplicity is king and numbers are its kinship, as the game does not really port any full on graphically advanced contents. But, for someone who has worked with such confined options, they will find this game too OK, but definitely not varied enough to resist, say, an entire season. Nevertheless, if you love to see how far the genre has come, taking a look at the original Football Manager for the ZX Spectrum and then visiting Football Manager 2 will sure teach you some nice, interesting game evolution lessons.

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