Tracksuit Manager 2

Sport 1996 Windows Alternative Soccer

Actually a soccer manager game; half decent

Tracksuit Manager 2 is the successor of Tracksuit Manager which was a well done game, a pretty satisfying, if not very imaginative soccer manager game. It is similar to Championship Manager and also, it bears similarities with games such as Premier Manager but it never goes on to beat these in terms of details or playability. The most original thing about the game is the fact that it doesn't want to be a worldwide kind of game - instead it is focused on the British teams and it also has an European Cup competition which it offers you. In terms of options, it is not very intricate; you can buy and sell players; you can also raise a superstar soccer player – which will bear fruit in that he will be a great upgrade for the other players in the game. So, overall, Tracksuit Manager 2 is a cool, satisfying and well done enough soccer game; it's never too original, but it's easy enough to control, which is it's best feature. And, for a budget game, it sure is relatively meaty; with lots of stats, teams and competitions. So, definitely, worth having in your collection.

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