Player Manager 2

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Soccer management game that's focused on individual players

Player Manager 2 is a soccer management game, released in 95. Its original twist is that it has a lot more options of focusing on individual players rather than always focusing exclusively on the team. Sure, there are standard customization and play options, so you'll still need to buy and sell players, as well as have them trained, and you can still coach the team during play, as well have to manage the press. But, also, you get to train players individually, and the value of a star player is a lot more important than in a vanilla game. So, overall, the game is really interesting, with a cool twist to the genre. Also, what you will find pretty interesting is the fact that it offers 4 individual views of the field during play, and also, the game looks pretty nice. It also has well laid interface elements, easy to read and use, and you are always close to getting the action you want ready. This, coupled with the interesting original mechanics of the game, makes for an oldie that is remarkable, not without flaws, but definitely more interesting than other games. Similarly, download Ultimate Soccer Manager 2, released a year later, and pretty cool as well.

An all Out football strategy game

The game is a classical football management simulation by Anco and is an attempt to persuade the fans of their arcade style series known as Kick Off. The plot or the setting with this game is a bit unique in contrast to other games in this genre. You are the manager of a football team and your goal is to make it a dream team. You are yourself a footballer who made many achievements during your career. Now you can achieve your target through using different tactics and devising a squad which has a perfect balance of skills of professionalism. The exciting thing here is that you can play yourself in the match and can control all of them. The controls are very easy to manage the graphics are also satisfactory. The personality stats are also provided for players and this enables you to make good strategic decisions related to selection. So it's a solid offering for all football fans but if you want to go for better, then Championship Manager gives you improved and diverse strategies and better graphics.

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