Football Manager 3

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Not a step forward in the series, but an ok game

Football Manager 3 shows that graphical improvement is not the most important in a game, not even in a soccer management game. Yes, Football Manager 3 does bring forth some graphical improvements compared to Football Manager 2, but gameplay wise, the new ideas the game tried to bring forth were just not well enough implemented for the game to be well rounded. So, yeah, rushing tends to leave a few ends loose, and in this game what it boils down to is really uninspired game sequencing. In a soccer manager game you generally manage the club in a certain pattern, one that should make sense: this is a lesson that even earlier games of this sort understood. But no, Football Manager 3 messes this up. Maybe it wanted to be a more original game, maybe the developers just didn't have the inspiration or the time to implement the change so that it would be more fun, but, at any rate, the problem is that you never quite know what to do next. Also, the playing field is very small, and that makes awareness of the game being played to be a lot harder to get. So, go for other versions of the Football Manager series newer or older, this game shows that it's not all about wanting to come with novel ideas, you also have to implement them right.

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