Tactical Manager 2

Sport 1995 Windows IncaGold Soccer Business

A solid soccer manager

So, you'll ask what's the deal with this manager game, it's not like there aren't so many titles out there, what is the fun, original bit of this one that makes it worth special? Well, its best feature is its attentiveness to details and its fastidiousness. Yap, its one of those that isn't a lite game, it's one packed full of options. It also makes use (and smartly so) of a multi window design. That's right, you can now check as many aspects of the game as you want at th4e same time. The game seems to take its cues from the release of teh Win 95 platform, once and for all throwing away the set piece non modular design, to allow you to arrange the window of the game as you see fit. Also, this leads to some issues in multitasking; for instance, if you were hoping to be able to apply some settings to the entire (or a larger portion) of the players you will not be able. This increases micro managerial tasks quite a bit, and, of course, the way you look at it is yours to choose, for me it's just more work for no reason. But then again, it makes up for this by packing the game around the window based idea, at least improving the readability of the game. Try it out if you want, and assort it with Premier Manager 3 just to compare the interface differences, to see why TM2 is a more user friendly choice.

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