Solomon's Key

Arcade 1988 Dos Dosbox Probe Software Platformer Single screen Puzzle based

One mighty hellish difficult puzzler/action game!

Solomon's Key, first produced and released for the ZX Spectrum family of home computers went on to make its way on to the NES console and to a plethora of other consoles and eventually on the PC. It's a platformer/puzzler combo, with really hard difficulty settings, all built around the idea that you have to find the right steps to retrieve potions, which are laid in the level. It's hard because you don't have just one type of platform, but a lot of them, some that will break down as you touch them, others that will resist to more touches. And, if this makes navigation hard, don't forget about the enemies! They are man, and diverse (relatively) and you have to chip at them a lot until they're down. As the levels go on, they become even harder, as the density of enemies and the deadly platforms become relentless! But for the right players, it will surely be a game you are going to enjoy. A similar game is also Aldo's Adventure, yet not as difficult, less puzzly and more arcade oriented. If you're serious about hard platformer games, give them both a try.

As addictive as it can get

It's a classic puzzle/platform arcade game where you have to run your thoughts to solve the puzzle. You have different complex rooms to play in where your goal is to find the key which will give you the exit to the next room. This is not only it because you can make and break walls or blocks using the magical wand that you are given. Bonuses are revealed in this carnage which makes you earn points and life. It is basically a PC conversion and has still maintained it features with a few lags such as the atmosphere which was found in the original version. The beeping sound and the CGA graphics with this one are not quite so cool but the game is still quite addictive owing to the fact that it makes you desperate to reach the next level and so on. You may feel very relieved finding the key but you have to run your mind all over for the next room and the next room. It's a great mental exercise with a few improvements that are needed to make it more attractive and interesting. A neater version of this addictive puzzle game is its fan made clone with the name Solomon's Key: Another version.

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