Arcade 1987 Dos Dosbox Ocean Platformer Puzzle based

Save the world from becoming black and white!

How would you feel if your world suddenly start losing all color? It would be weird and scary, wouldn't it? Well, the heroes of this game, Wiz and Cat, are experiencing this problem. They were just doing the usual, hanging around in their cool Wizworld, and suddenly the color started to seep out of the land. What's going on? How do we stop it? You find out that this is no accident, because there are some evil forces that are desperate to make your life black and white. TO save the world, you too have to collect balls of paint that are stolen from the world by your enemies. The game sports a pretty nice story and the premise is very interesting and original - I've never heard about a world that suddenly started losing color. The whole losing color thing is also handled very well graphically - we can clearly see the transformation and it looks very nice. The game is very catchy, very easy to understand and very addictive. Other than that, another great thing about it is that it's also very old-timey and brings a sense of nostalgia. In any case, the game is pretty simple and despite of it it's very fun. A true eighties classic! Playing Wizball and saving thr world from becoming black and white will really be a great way to relive your childhood :)

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