Arcade 1981 Dos Sierra Single screen Epic

Oldie Frogger; really playable and fun

This has got to be the oldest DOS Frogger game I've ever played, and while I expected it to be some sort of broken Atari 2600 messy game, much to my surprise I found it to be a friendly, satisfying, engaging Frogger game, with all the elements that make such a game. So, the gist of it all is still about taking a frog from one point of the street to the next, but while getting there, you want to make sure that you don't get squashed by the cars that litter the road. It takes patience but also quick reflexes to get to where you're supposed to without endangering yourself, but it's not as difficult as it may appear at first. Also, the game looks more than sufficient, better than I would have hoped. The colors and the shapes of the cars and lands are kind of minimal and jagged, but that was to be expected, plus, you always can tell where you are, where you need to be and the animation is well done, even if very simple. Alternatively, if you want a much more detailed Frogger game, download Frogger 3D, see how the third dimension affects the game.

Hop hop!

Frogger is a very old and very simple arcade with fun gameplay and "great time" written all over it, figuratively. The goal is very simple - your frog has to get from one point of the level to the other, hopping across roads, over floating animals, sinking logs. It has to avoid cars on the freeway or can't let the logs carry it much further away than needed, or you lose a life. The game is not as easy as it seems at first, and as you go, the game gets harder. Since this is a 1981 game, it is surprisingly good in the graphics department. 4 colors are definitely more than one color and that was a huge advancement at the time. You can even set a difficulty level or change the background color. The game is nothing much, there is no hype about it, but still, as most arcade games, it is very fun to play and a great way to lose some time while waiting for something else finished or on a break from work. Highly recommended! Oh, and check out the game's sequel, Frogger 2.

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