Brutal Sports Football

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A Gory Twist on Classic Football

Brutal Sports Football is a hilariously violent (American) football sports video game developed in 1993 by Millennium Interactive. You can choose to play as various prison-hardened teams in three different game modes: Unfriendly, League, and Knockout. Each mode has varying modifiers on the basic "no rules football". All the rules of normal play are thrown out the window creating a large contrast to games like Joe Montana, or Madden NFL. In fact, this game is more like full contact Soccer with hands than normal Football, as throwing the ball into a ‘net' on either side of the field is what scores the goals. Additionally after the initial kick-off, the whistle is only blown to reset the field after a goal or to end the game, not when the ball is dropped. To win, either score the most goals, or kill the entire other team before they kill you. Playing against the AI at full difficulty is quite a challenge, and unskilled players will likely have their entire team killed before the seven-minute rounds are up. Injuries are dispensed with the help of various weapons scattered around the field. These include lightning bolts that knock out the enemies, magic orbs that encase the enemy team in ice, and swords. Swords can be used to forcefully remove your opponent's head in a spectacularly bloody fashion, increasing your crowd appeal and scoring you more points! Overall this game was pretty humorous and fun. However, fans of true football games likely will not enjoy playing for long, due to its mutated nature on the original game of football. Also, gore cannot be disabled, so those who dislike that will likely not enjoy this game. For best results and minimal motion sickness, run in DOSBox at 3600-3800 cycles with zero frame-skip. This plays the game at what seems to be closer to real-time, making it smoother, faster, and not to mention more exciting.

Blood Bowl like American football game

This game puts a cool spin on a classic American football themed sports game. You will play in the arena of what looks like a medieval dungeon, and your players seem to be some sort of werewolves. During the game they can get all sort of powerups meant to create mayhem and destruction on the playing field, bombs, freezing cages, etc. However, even when not employing these distractions, they play more aggressively, they will bite and maul and tackle very harshly. Thus, this 1993 real time American football game will feel like a prototypical Blood Bowl themed creation, while still managing to have its own personality and feel. Give it a try if you like American football sims, like the Madden Series, but want something more wacky. Expect a visual style that would be familiar to those that played on the Super NES back in the day. For most others this game will just feel a bit too boring. While the technicalities are there and work ok, there just isn't enough to keep you in for too long, as the arcade nature of the game settles in pretty quickly.

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