John Madden Football II

Sport 1991 Dos Electronic Arts Football

Hard to play American football; also quite uninspired

The problem with John Madden Football II is that it is a bit of an antiseptic kind of game; not a lot of personality, nothing very personal, nothing, you know, to write home about. So, with that said what the game is, is an improved version of John Madden Football but it never puts too much effort into it. It mostly is a tick box deal; yes, it is playable, the graphics look alright. Minimalist 2d, very lacking in personality and with animations that all look the same, for every team or player in the field. So yeah, perfectly playable but for some reason that fun factor is absent. It's not a challenging game either, or a game that is too competitive. That's mostly because a lot of the game is resolved automatically the the computer, which is, well, not frustrating, but underwhelming. So, unless you're looking to sample a footbal game, you might as well jump to much later releases which, if never too original, at least offer better graphics and better control, more in depth and more fun to play with, sink into.

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