Frontier - First Encounters

Simulation 1995 Dos Dosbox GameTek Flight Space flight

Third in the Elite series, emphasizing trading and fighting

Frontier - First Encounters is a 4x game, combining trading, fighting, a lot of other military and diplomacy elements, and also spying and even bombing options. But, similar to Frontier, the game will see you mostly engaged in trading and fighting. The setting is again space, as the entire series has been built upon, and you will have to try to better your star fleet, and your position. The game brings forth a new race as well, the Thargoids, while other races known from the previous games are present as well. Graphically the game is without a doubt the best looking in the series so far. The texture mapping technology it introduced for the first time in the series allows for better resolutions for the skins applied on ships and on other graphical elements, bestowing the game with a fairly modern look. Another element that will ease gameplay is the introduction of journals, which briefly map out encounters, news from within the universe and so on, making you more connected to the story and making the game feel more vibrant, like there is more activity around you. So overall, Frontier - First Encounters feels like a game on the cusp of modernity, a great example of 4X elements, and is without a doubt worth playing.

Had a rough start

Frontier - First Encounters is a space flight simulation videogame developed by Frontier Developments. All I can say is that this game has quite a history. First of all, the game was released in a messy state due to a conflict between the developers and the publisher, GameTek. The game was full of bugs and glitches, however it sold rather well. Then some lawsuit has started taken place and what it really came down to is that the game was finally released as shareware. At first glance, the game seems to be quite a good space simulation game, but the bugs made the game almost unplayable. Now that the game has been fixed, is it your time to play it? Well, it depends if you want hardcore simulation where you fight, trade and perform various other activities or just straight on action, like in Wing Commander. Frontier - First Ecounters, has a complex gameplay experience, which is quite good for a simulator, but without a proper instruction manual, you would have no idea what you are doing.

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