Full Metal Planet

Strategy 1989 Dos Dosbox Hitech Productions Galactic War Board games

Strategy mix with adventure and chaos

It is a sci-fi game which mixes the element of strategy with war games. It is a hex based version where you will find many distinct traits which have never been touched in some of the other games of this genre. What you have here is a galactic conquest where you have a mission along with your opponent to mine out or extract as much metal as possible from the planet planetoid. You will be given 24 hour limit for this purpose. You have to prevent the production of your opponent through the use of your fighter crafts, boats, super tanks, tanks and a wide variety of other tools and futuristic careers. The overlay is hex based and the gameplay features a turn base where you will have the options of gauging all the points of your movement and the movement of your enemy. The game is quite complex at the start but once you get to known the ins and out, you will be able to formulate some very exciting and grand strategies for taking down your opponents. It is a great combat module with a lot of interesting gameplay elements which have been supported by some scintillating graphics. Reach for the Stars is another similar game in this genre.

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